Card Games

Waterscape Solitaire: American Falls
Waterscape Solitaire: American Falls [2008-04-03]

Experience a brand new twist on a card classic!

Download Waterscape Solitaire: American Falls for Mac (38.5 Mb)

Slingo Quest
Slingo Quest [2008-02-19]

Are you ready for the next Slingo challenge? Start a quest today!

Download Slingo Quest for Mac (12.9 Mb)

Ancient Tripeaks
Ancient Tripeaks [2008-02-14]

Explore addictive and easy Solitaire fun with Ancient Tripeaks!

Download Ancient Tripeaks for Mac (6.8 Mb)

Ancient Trijong
Ancient Trijong [2008-02-12]

A unique mix of Tripeaks and Mahjong that blends the best of both worlds!

Download Ancient Trijong for Mac (6.6 Mb)

Ancient Spider Solitaire
Ancient Spider Solitaire [2008-02-07]

Get set for a fresh new design of Spider Solitaire!

Download Ancient Spider Solitaire for Mac (6.5 Mb)

Ancient Hearts and Spades
Ancient Hearts and Spades [2008-02-05]

Discover world-class card playing action in Ancient Hearts and Spades!

Download Ancient Hearts and Spades for Mac (8 Mb)

5 Realms of Cards
5 Realms of Cards [2008-01-30]

A new incarnation of solitaire with a secret to learn!

Download 5 Realms of Cards for Mac (18.2 Mb)

Ultimate Dominoes
Ultimate Dominoes [2004-12-31]

Grab some bones and get ready for the definitive dominoes experience!

Download Ultimate Dominoes for Mac (12.2 Mb)

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