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Posh Boutique

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Posh Boutique for Mac Game

It's Alicia's birthday and she has a big surprise coming! Her grandmother, Lily, has decided it's time for Alicia to take over her chain of posh boutiques. It will take someone with great timing, a keen business sense, and an eye for style to make Posh Boutique the most fashionable shop around. Alicia will need to be fast on her feet, dedicated to her customers, wise in her upgrades, and attentive to her special V.I.P. customers! For fast fashion fun, there's no place like Posh Boutique!


  • Fast Fashion Fun!
  • Play The Special V.I.P. Mini-Game!
  • Manage 7 Different Shops!
  • Many Spectacular Upgrades!

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Posh Boutique for Mac OS X Posh Boutique for Mac OS X Posh Boutique for Mac OS X

System Requirements:
OS: Mac OS X 10.4+ Intel Only
* This game is available for PC