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Art Coloring 4

Art Coloring 4 for Mac Game

Art Coloring returns with another collection of beautiful masterpieces! With more to offer than ever, Art Coloring 4 gives you everything you need to bring some of the world's most incredible art to life! Just select a color, find the corresponding number, and create a work of art. Best of all, there are no expensive supplies or messy cleanup to worry about!


  • Choose from 64 stunning works of art!
  • Select between coloring by area or by pixels!
  • Multiple art styles to keep the creativity flowing!
  • Switch between flat and textured color options to showcase your unique style!
  • Art Coloring 3

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Art Coloring 4 for Mac OS X Art Coloring 4 for Mac OS X Art Coloring 4 for Mac OS X

System Requirements:
OS: Mac OS X 12.4/11.6/10.15
RAM: 256 MB
Free Hard Drive: 324 MB

* This game is available for PC